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FL Council Newsletter

Make sure to sign up for important legislative affairs issues from MOAA national.  See the MOAA webpage     Keep informed—your current and future benefits are always under attack.  It is important!!


MOAA’s Top 10 Goals for 2018

·        Ensure any TRICARE reform sustains access to top-quality care

·        Prevent disproportional TRICARE fee increases

·        Sustain military pay comparability with the private sector 

·        Block erosion of compensation and non-pay and quality of life benefits

·        Protect military retirement and COLAs

·        Sustain wounded-warrior programs and expand caregiver support

·        End financial penalties to survivors and the disabled

·        Ensure the Guard and Reserve system adequately supports the requirements for an operational reserve

·        Ensure spouse and family support programs are aligned with current and emerging needs of an all- volunteer force

·        Ensure timely access to VA health care and preserve earned veteran benefits

                                                                                TAKE ACTION!!
If you haven't checked MOAA's latest on the ongoing attack on pay and benefits, you need to check their webpage and sign up for the legislative alerts.  TRICARE is likely to take a big hit--i.e.--you will be charged more for the "free" medical and dental care you were promised all those years ago.  Go to the link above and get involved.  We may lose this one, but if you don't at least make your voice heard, you won't be able to complain (well, you can still complain, but should have TAKEN ACTION!!

This is the latest from our State Legislative Affairs Chair, Bob Bienvenue, Lt Col USAF ret
MOAA recently posted an ACTION ALERT asking its members to send a prepared message to our Senators and Representatives who soon will be considering the proposals for military pay and benefits in the Administration’s FY 2017 Budget request.  Click here to access the capwiz link on MOAA’s Website:
Below you will find a version of the MOAA letter which I have edited. You can just copy this text and paste it in the Editable Text boxes for both letters. When you fill in your personal info, capwiz will automatically send the respective letters via email to the appropriate persons based on your Congressional District.  NOTE: You can edit this text further if you wish.
I also suggest you send a hard copy of your letter to  your Representative’s District Office Director informing them of the constituent base of MOAA members in their Districts and of our advocacy mission regarding pay, retirement, health care and other benefits  for currently serving military, retirees, their families and surviving spouses.
We are the Voice of these constituents. Just as we ask our Senators and Representatives if we can count on them to have their backs, we also need to act on their behalf in support of MOAA’s mission. Thank you for your continued advocacy.   
Proposed Letter Follows:
I write urging you to resist initiatives to impose disproportionate financial penalties on current and retired servicemembers and their families. There are approximately 880,000 people in Florida who will be negatively impacted if these proposals are enacted.
The administration's FY17 budget proposes multiple cuts to military pay and benefits, aimed at shifting more costs to servicemembers, retirees, and families.
·         Health Care: The budget would increase existing fees and add significant new ones, effectively raising costs 50-100% for typical families.
·         Military Pay: The budget calls for a fourth consecutive year of capping the military pay raise below the average American's.
·         Commissary: The budget would slash $221 million in commissary funding which would force a significant cut in the value of this key military benefit.
Why would Congress even consider imposing these financial penalties on those who have sacrificed for our country more than any other citizens?  Why indeed has Congress imposed like penalties over the past four years?
Can your constituents count on you to overcome the partisan bickering that is sure to surround these issues and do the right thing to ensure current and retired service families who already have sacrificed so much for our country are fairly treated.
I would like to know where you stand on this matter.