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What the FY 2024 NDAA Means for Your TRICARE Benefit

 Karen Ruedisueli, MOAA’s Director of Government Relations for Health Affairs.

Abridged Article, January 22, 2024.


MOAA’s work to preserve your service-earned health care benefit received support from several key provisions in the FY 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which became law last month.


Here’s a look at some of the key details from the new law; keep up with all of MOAA’s ongoing health care advocacy work via our Advocacy News page.


TRICARE Pharmacy Network Report

Senate report language connected to the NDAA directed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to assess the impact of TRICARE retail pharmacy network cuts on beneficiaries. Specifically, an upcoming report will examine effects of the cuts on rural families, compound medication access, long-term care residents, and patients with chronic medical conditions.


MOAA is scheduled to meet with GAO staffers to provide beneficiary insights, including feedback shared by MOAA members via our online reporting tool. Securing the GAO report was a top priority for MOAA and will propel the next phase of our advocacy efforts on this issue.

What is next ?

MOAA will continue its work on health care issues not included in the FY 2024 defense authorization bill, including parity for TRICARE young adults and an expanded dental benefit for reserve component servicemembers.

These efforts will coincide with broader priorities such as access to care, risks to TRICARE networks, and protecting TRICARE For Life. Reach out to your lawmaker on these issues and others by registering today at MOAA’s Legislative Action Center.

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