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President's Message

May-June 2023

MAJ Joseph “Joe” Voge, USA, (Ret)

I wish you and your families joy in this Easter season as we celebrate the Resurrection at our places of worship or in our own way.  I thank our Chaplain, LtCol Carolyn Smith, for informing us as to why Easter eggs and rabbits entered the scene in ancient times and are used today in the commercial representation of the season.  While these are appealing to children, I hope we instill in our children the true meaning.

It was another enjoyable day at “Stumpknockers” as we had our annual lunch with the Citrus County Chapter.  I look forward to these meetings as we have the opportunity to see old acquaintances and meet new people.  Their President, COL Peter Tan was unable to attend but I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting with Angel, their first vice president.  In addition to the normal pleasant conversation, we also discussed MOAA-related issues.  Even though we do some things differently, our goals and results are the same.  One of their members has decided to become a dual member, belonging to both chapters.

It is also the time of year when we submit our applications for another Level of Excellence Award and Marvin Harris Communication Award.  The annual convention is in St. Augustine this year.  It promises to be a fun time and we will have representation there.

LTC Arlo Janssen is at the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, GA this week.  I’m sure Arlo and the golf world are hoping for a change in the weather so that these athletes can show their true skills.  Don’t forget it is also tax season.  We have until April 18th to submit our returns.    


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