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President's Message

March-April, 2024

R. Craig Ham, Colonel (Ret.), U. S. Army

It is American Airlines Flight 1534 - Charlotte to Orlando, and as I am a geographer by training, I have a window seat.  The view leaving Charlotte is a complex mosaic of mining, manufacturing, agricultural, transportation and residential land uses.  This is a snapshot of the nation that we all swore an oath to defend.  It is both fascinating and incomprehensible - a nation that defies simplistic definition, and one that encompasses multiple histories, cultures, and biases.  Yet we vow to “Never stop serving” without reservation or qualification.  Make sure that you are satisfying your obligation as an advocate, both locally and nationally, for the principles that made this the greatest nation on earth, and for your fellow veterans who sacrificed to keep it so.  Our MOAA magazine makes it easy to weigh-in on national issues.  Do your buddy checks!  Write to your elected officials!  Support our local veteran organizations and take every opportunity to share your experiences and wisdom with the youth of today.  Have you had a meaningful discussion about service and sacrifice with your children and grandchildren?  Freedom is indeed only one generation from extinction - don’t let it be ours!

“Never stop Serving”


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5 Star Comm Award

5/2/2024 Member Meeting

5/14/2024 Board Meeting

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Never Stop Serving

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