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Are you considering joining your local MOAA chapter?

Are you a chapter member or leader seeking to explain the chapter system to a potential new member? Either way, here are seven good reasons for any officer—active duty, Guard, Reserve, former, retired, or their surviving spouse—to join an MOAA chapter today.

  1. Make yourself heard. MOAA’s chapters provide critical grassroots support for MOAA’s national legislative agenda. Our benefits are under attack, and MOAA is fighting to preserve them. Chapter members let their legislators know what’s on their minds and open doors for MOAA’s legislative team in Washington, D.C. In these challenging times, MOAA members need to stick together; our chapters are the best way to do that.
  2. They are giving back to the community. Chapter members are MOAA’s ambassadors in their communities, supporting countless programs that make a difference in the lives of others. These members continue their “officership” service and give back in the truest sense.
  3. Value added to chapter members' lives. MOAA chapters sponsor exciting programs and opportunities to interact with civic, political, military, and business leaders on issues important to members.
  4. It is networking with fellow officers. Chapters include second-career members in the workforce and retired servicemembers with contacts in their communities that can be valuable to transitioning officers.
  5. Stay informed. Chapter newsletters, websites, and meetings provide you with the latest information on local, state, and national issues and changes to military benefits.
  6. They are influencing state legislation. Most states have a council of chapters that unites every MOAA chapter in the state. These councils and independent chapters in states without a council often lobby for and pass state-level legislation that affects military members and their families, such as exempting military retired pay from state income tax or increasing funding for state-run V.A. programs.
  7. The camaraderie with a purpose. Many chapter members miss the camaraderie and core values of military service and want to develop close and lasting friendships with other members with similar backgrounds and interests.

If you are or were a federally uniformed officer (USA, USMC, USN, USAF, USCG, USPHS, & NOAA), you are invited to join the Sun City Center Chapter. Chapter dues are $20.00 annually for officers and $15.00 annually for surviving spouses.

MOAA membership is not required but is encouraged to gain the maximum member benefit for you, your family, and your fellow members. The BASIC MOAA National membership is FREE for two years; digital material access only.

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Home Page -- Go to the Membership Information tab --- select ‘Resources’ and then select ‘Recruiting Application.’ The local Application form comes up first; if you scroll down to the next Recruiting Application, it is the National  Application form.

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