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Why is membership important?

Ability to provide charitable services and programs. The more members, the more opportunities!

Membership Committee Responsibilities

        Increasing Membership. Develop a Plan and Strategy and Recommend a means for increasing MOAA’s membership base.

·       Keeping Membership Informed in ways in which to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits.

·       Welcoming New Members. Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in MOAA activities.

·         Continue to highlight our programs and benefits

Our Challenge

·                   Develop and oversee SCC MOAA Chapter’s Recruitment Plan,

·                   Create “Ambassadors” to help execute and maintain the plan

and get the word out about our programs and services,

·                   Promote Public Awareness,

·                   Need to sell MOAA,

·                   Promote Renewal Early.


>Recruiting new members

> Retaining members

   RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS                                   RETAIN EXISTING MEMBERS

                       THREE TARGETS


OFFICERS---SURVIVING SPOUSES---FROM NATIONAL       ·       Year around effort

·       Keep existing members happy

·    Begin the renewal process early

·    Identify who is not attending luncheons

·       Find out why they  are not attending lncheons

·    Send out luncheon reminder

·       Free meal on birthday month

·   Arrange for their attendance

·       Email  Chapter Board Meeting minutes to all members

·       Recognition at luncheon  for delinquents



To stay informed about news and developments relevant to military officers,

·      To support MOAA advocacy efforts,

·      To receive MOAA publications,

·      Share with other Veterans everywhere the common bonds of duty, honor, and service to our nation,

·      Net working with others,

·      Socialization and camaraderie,

·      Receive recognition or prestige.



·       Join from anywhere, any time of day,

·       24/7 page on our Website,

·       Keep a list of all great things our Chapter has accomplished,

·       Keep a list of potential members,

·       Make membership growth our top priority,

·       Celebrate when we get a new member

·       Be persistent, don’t give up


                                     SOME RECRUITING TIPS


·          Every member is a recruiter,

·          Build a new member recruiting package,

1' Identify potential new officer members,

1' Identify potential Surviving Spouses,

1' Personalized invitation letter,

1' current newsletter,

1' Need to advertise MOAA advocacy efforts,

1' Membership application,

·          New member kit with free gift,

·          Bring guest to luncheon,

·          Have someone welcome members, new members and guests when they arrive,

·          Make tri-fold and distribute in businesses,

·          Circulate newsletter widely,

·          Website recruiting – 24/7,

·          Connect with local communities for possible members,

·          Should we use a video before meeting starts?




Text Box:                                              Word of mouth


Personal calls

Direct mail


Local events



ARTICLE VI – DUES  (as of 2/12/2020)

Section 1   Annual dues for each member shall be established by the Board of Directors based on the Chapter’s annual budget needs and shall be approved by the Chapter’s membership at an official Chapter meeting. 

Section 2  In conjunction with the Treasurer, the Membership Committee shall be responsible for establishing procedures and processes for the collection of membership annual dues.  Such procedures and processes shall be approved by the Board of Directors.  Periodic changes or updates to the procedures and processes may be made with approval of the Chapter’s president and briefed to the Board at the next available meeting.

Section 3    Annual dues, while payable anytime, are due January 1 of each year and may be considered delinquent if unpaid by March unless members have made other arrangements to pay their dues. 

Section 4    Members who do not pay their dues by1 March 1 shall no longer receive the Chapter’s newsletter until their dues are paid in full.

Section 5    In conjunction with the President, it shall be the responsibility of the Membership Chairperson to recommend delinquent members for termination to the Board of Directors. 

Section 6    Members who join during the last quarter of the year shall have their dues applied to the following years dues.

Section 7    Any member who has been dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated upon payment of annual dues for the current year.

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