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The mission of Sun City Center FL Chapter (FL42) shall be to promote the purposes and objectives of the Military Officers Association of America; foster fraternal relations among retired, active duty and former officers of the uniformed services and their reserve components; protect the rights and interests of active duty, retired, and reserve components personnel of the uniformed services and their dependents and survivors; provide useful services for members and their dependents and survivors and serve the community and the nation.


The Sun City Center Chapter of MOAA was chartered as a corporation on 10 September 1990 by the State of Florida. MOAA was founded as The Retired Officers Association (TROA) in 1929 to provide assistance and advice to military officers in general. At the beginning of WWII, TROA’s leaders reorganized and expanded the organization, moving to Washington, D.C., in 1944 with a membership of 2,600. At the time of the charter issuance on 7 April 1990, it was under TROA.

On January, 2003, the organization changed its name to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). Now headquartered in Alexandria, VA, its membership is open to active duty, National Guard, Reserve, retired, and former commissioned and warrant officers of the following uniformed services: Army (USA), Marine Corps (USMC), Navy (USN), Air Force (USAF), Coast Guard (USCG), Public Health Service (USPHS), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Board of Directors may also offer Honorary Membership to officers of allied, uniformed military services. In our Chapter charter, we agreed to promote the aims of MOAA, as described below, and in addition included a charge to perform services considered by our Board of Directors to be beneficial to the local community. This means we also agreed to be an independent, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization. MOAA is an independent, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization. With about 370,000 members from every branch of service, it is a powerful force speaking for a strong national defense, and represents the interests of military officers at every stage of their career. While MOAA does advocate a strong national defense, it does not, as an association, become involved in matters pertaining to military strategy or weapons systems of the various services. While permitted by law to lobby, its status as a tax-exempt veterans organization precludes it from participating in political activities.

MOAA’s purpose has grown to include career transition assistance, member products, military benefits counseling, educational assistance to children of military families, and strong involvement in military professionalism activities. It is currently the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers. MOAA is the leading voice on compensation and benefit matters for all members of the military community. We should all be proud of the respect gained by MOAA in our nation’s capital as a voice for military personnel in general.

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