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MOAA National Award Cash Bonus to the Chapter

Dateline: 9/6/2018

MOAA National recently recognized our chapter for exceeding recruiting and retention goals based on national-level goals and results from other chapters around the country.  If a chapter maintains a 95% or higher retention rate year-on-year, then MOAA awards a $250 bonus to the chapter.  This is almost like “free” money.  All it takes is for members to “REUP” and stick with the chapter. Your board of officers and directors believes that we do well in recruiting and retention because our members see a value- added product.  We all enjoy the camaraderie, we enjoy a chance to go out and get out of the house, we see the award-winning newsletter as useful and informative, and we have good guest speakers at our dinners/meetings.  We appreciate your continued participation and support of the chapter—your chapter.

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