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MOAA Awards Ceremonies for JROTC Cadets

Dateline: 5/12/2017

The South Central Florida Chapter recently presented MOAA medals, ribbons, and certificates to JROTC cadets in the six high school programs we support:  Avon Park, Sebring, Lake Placid, Okeechobee, Arcadia, and Wuachula. These cadets were identified by the leadership at each of the JROTC programs in coordination with our chapter board of directors.  We are proud to work with these six programs and support the leaders of tomorrow. Award winners were: Cadet Kalon Fields of Avon Park, Cadets David King and Sabrina Pedroza of Arcadia, Cadet Joshua Velazquez of Lake Placid, Cadet Brittany Newton of Okeechobee, Cadet Dixie Muse of Sebring, and Cadet Mary Macedo Hernandez of Wuachula.  To see photos of these great youngsters, go to the photo albums tab and take a look.

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