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The Clearwater Chapter is an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). MOAA and its affiliated councils and chapters are non-partisan.

Our Mission --Continued Service

* * * * * * * * * *

Ø  To inculcate and stimulate love of country and flag

Ø  To defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of the Constitution of the United States

Ø  To advocate military forces adequate to the defense of our country

Ø  To foster the integrity and prestige of uniformed service

Ø  To foster fraternal relations among all branches of the various services from which our members are drawn; to further the education of the children of our service personnel

Ø  To aid active and retired personnel of the various services from which our members are drawn, and their families and survivors, in every proper and legitimate manner, and to represent their rights and interests when service matters are under consideration

We are united to form the Military Officers Association of America


For friends, our youth, and our fellow veterans, we active duty and former officers have come together to provide support, information, and fellowship to those whom we pledge to serve.  We continue to serve by expressing the needs of our veterans and youth to our representatives, and we continue in our oath to defend the Constitution, especially from the domestic enemies of ignorance, self-service, and abandoned principles.

Our service lies in grass roots advocacy to ensure and protect veterans’ benefits and in the mutual support of private veterans programs here in our community, including service to surviving spouses of veterans.  Our fundraising efforts support programs such as those assisting homeless veterans, veterans’ art, the Honor Flights, and the JROTC programs at Clearwater High School and Dunedin High School, awarding college scholarships to each program annually.

Through our website, our speake’s program, and our newsletter, The Drumbeat, we keep our members informed of vital issues being considered by our legislators and administrators.

Our fellowship is expressed monthly at our membership meetings and special events.

The Clearwater Chapter is an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). MOAA and its affiliated councils and chapters are non-partisan.

Please Join us in our Continued Service        

Why Join MOAA National?

MOAA is the country’s leading organization protecting the rights of military service members and their families. Those who belong to MOAA not only lend their voices to a greater cause, but they also gain access to extensive benefits tailored to the needs of lifestyles of current, retired, and former military officers. MOAA's greatest mission is to improve the lives of those who serve and their families, achieved largely through tireless advocacy efforts taking place in our nation's capital. MOAA's experts in Washington are there to support legislation that benefits the military community and are equally vigilant when fighting to stop legislation that threatens our livelihood. The larger our numbers, the greater our voice. MOAA Membership is open to active duty, former, and retired commissioned and warrant officers of the uniformed services and their surviving spouses, including the National Guard and Reserve. 

MOAA offers a wide range of personal and financial services exclusive to MOAA membership.

Financial Planning.  MOAA has financial counselors experienced in the financial business; knowing how things work in financial firms. MOAA is not a financial services firm and it does not sell financial products or develop personalized financial plans. You get a financial planner whose only interest is your well-being as a MOAA member!

Transition Assistance. MOAA provides a wealth of military focused information, services, and resources for career transition. Whether you are transitioning to a civilian career from the military or moving from one career field to another, MOAA can help.

Educational Assistance. The MOAA Scholarship Fund provides interest free loans, scholarships and grants to students seeking their first undergraduate degree.

Exclusive Discounts. MOAA has exclusive member discounts for travel, legal services, electronics and technology, automotive and lodging, membership in clubs, shopping, and insurance. 

MOAA LIFE Membership is the most elite membership category. LIFE Members receive all of MOAA's PREMIUM benefits - plus more - for life. Additional benefits include waived initiation fees at the Army Navy Club of Washington, D.C., bonus discounts, and direct access to MOAA staff experts on the dedicated MOAA LIFE Member Hotline. LIFE Membership cost varies by age:

·         Age 0 to 49   = $894

·         Age 50 to 54 = $852

·         Age 55 to 59 = $804

·         Age 60 to 64 = $740

·         Age 65 to 69 = $662

·         Age 70 to 74 = $574

·         Age 75 to 79 = $476

·         Age 80 to 84 = $370

·         Age 85 to 89 = $266

·         Age 90 to 94 = $171

·         Age 95 to 99 = $104

·         Age 100+      = Free

MOAA has an easy, interest free payment system that allows you to spread your Life Membership cost across 10 equal monthly payments.

MOAA PREMIUM Membership gives you total access to everything MOAA has to offer, including our full spectrum of career and financial resources, MOAA-exclusive publications, college scholarships for dependents, and countless discounts on products and travel. PREMIUM Membership cost is based on yearly increments:

·         1 year = $59  

·         2 year = $100 (save 15% over 1 year)

 ·        3 year = $132 (save 25% over 1 year)

PREMIUM membership for Surviving Spouses is slightly less than for regular PREMIUM membership:

·         1 year = $53 

·         2 year = $90 (save 15% over 1 year)

·         3 year = $120 (save 25% over 1 year)

As a MOAA BASIC Member, you'll have free electronic access to MOAA e-communications about news and support of critical advocacy efforts to protect your military benefits. BASIC membership is Free.






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