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CAPT Teresa Harrison USN Ret

Welcome to the Citrus County Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) website. MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential association of military officers. It is an independent, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization.   MOAA is the leading voice on compensation and benefit matters for all members of the military community. The association plays an active role in military personnel matters and especially proposed legislation affecting the career force, the retired community, and veterans of the uniformed services. MOAA is a tri-level organization.  The national Washington D.C. organization represents more than 350,000 officers and surviving spouses. Then there are over 30 state or regional level affiliates and over 400 local chapter affiliates.  The Florida Council of Chapters (FCoC) represents over 40 local chapter affiliates in Florida. The MOAA Citrus County Chapter is a FCoC affiliate.

Citrus County has over 20,000 Veterans with one of the highest percentages of Veterans within a county population in the nation.  Our chapter members are active in supporting our Veterans. Please note some of our missions:

1. Camaraderie with a purpose- our 80+ members attend five chapter meeting luncheons with speakers from county government and Veterans organizations in order to educate members on the needs and solutions to our county’s Veterans issues. We have also a JROTC scholarship award luncheon; a formal dinner for the installation of chapter officers; a chapter fall picnic event; and a joint MOAA chapters luncheon.

2. Our chapter members help manage and participate in various events during the November annual Citrus County “Veterans Appreciation Week”.  We manage the “Veterans In The Classroom” program. We assign over 75 Veterans who give their personal military service history talks to over 370 school classrooms. 

3.  Our chapter supports our county’s Army, Navy and Air Force JROTC programs by awarding two scholarships to high school senior JROTC cadets; by donating funds to support each JROTC program; and by awarding MOAA JROTC medals to outstanding cadet juniors.

4.  Our chapter members are present as board members or participate in many local Veterans and civic organizations such as the Veterans Foundation, Mission United, Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), Wounded Warriors Have Families Too, Female Veterans Network, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and many other county organizations.

5.  Our chapter actively engages with our county commissioners and our U.S. House Representative to educate them about the issues and the solutions affecting Veterans within Citrus County.

I invite you to check out our website for events, newsletters and photo albums under the Menu links. If you would like to attend a chapter meeting or have questions about membership, use the “Contact Us” link. You may also apply online for membership using the “Join Us” link. 

CAPT Terri Harrison, USN (Ret)
President, MOAA Citrus County Chapter, Inc
“Never Stop Serving”