West Central Chapter, Inc (FL43)


West Central Chapter, Inc (FL43)

P.O. ox 3065
Spring Hill, FL 34611-3065
Area: West Central
Members: 15

BOARD MEETINGS: Tuesday of the week before Member Meeting

MEMBER MEETINGS: Our meetings are held at 11:30 AM on the second Wednesday of the month. Check the WCC website for meeting location.



Please mark your calendars for March 10th at 11:30 a.m. when we will have a zoom meeting with a member of the
MOAA national staff, Shane Ostrom, as our speaker Other chapters members in our region have been invited and MOAA national is also notifying MOAA national members in Hernando County who are not currently members
of our chapter. We are anticipating a record number in attendance at a zoom meeting for our chapter.

Shane is a financial advisor and writes a regular column on money matters in The Officer magazine.

Be ready with your money questions for him.

Chapter Catchment Area (ZipCodes):

34601   34602   34603   34605  
34606   34607   34608   34609  
34610   34611   34613   34614  
34636   34661   34679  
Chapter data last updated: 2/16/2021

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