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Fivestar Award Highlights is the MOAA Mayport Chapter award winning Newsletter that is published 10 times a year and emailed/mailed to the membership of the chapter.

We provide a PDF version, a complete color copy of the newsletter online and black/white print version that is mailed to all of our members w/o email addresses.

Viewers with slow dial up connections are cautioned that attempting to open the PDF versions with a slow dialup connection will take an excessive amount of time.  

Viewers that have DSL or Broadband connections will find the PDF version downloads in under a minute.

If you have comments please forward them to the newsletter editor. Thank you. 

Articles are submitted by members of the chapter for publication by the published deadlines.  If you are not a regular contributor and wish to submit an article for consideration please send it via email to our editor  by the 10th of the month.  Include your name and phone number in your email.

Next Issue is December 2017

Deadline for input is Nov 21st.




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