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US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES provides access to all Representatives, find their websites, find House Committee website, view Schedule Information and Legislative Information.

House Committee on Veteran Affairs provides access to legislation specific for Veterans and the VA.

Congressional Districts provides a view of congressional districts and Members of Congress for Florida.  Jacksonville is located in the 4th Congressional District

House Appropriations Committee (HAC)

House Armed Service Committee

Congressionl District Representatives

The following are the Representatives
for the Mayport Chapter Area
John Rutherford 

Florida's 4th District
US Congressman John Ruthurford

(Rep FLORIDA) since 2017

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Congressman Rutherford YouTube Channel

Florida's 7th District
US Congressman John Mica

(Rep FLORIDA) since 1993

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Congressman Mica's YouTube Channel

Florida's 6th District
US Congressman Ron DeSantis

(Rep FLORIDA) since 2013

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Congressman DeSantis YouTube Channel

Al Lawson

Florida's 3rd District
US Congressman Al Lawson

(Dem FLORIDA) since 1993

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