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We are the Mayport Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, MOAA (formerly The Retired Officers Association, TROA). We are pleased that you are visiting our web site and encourage you to contact us with comments about the contents and appearance of this site any other observations you may have.


Our History:


The Mayport Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America , MOAA (formerly The Retired Officers Association, TROA) was organized in early 1970 largely as a result of the enthusiasm, motivation and leadership of CAPT J. H. Burgess USPHS/Ret and Mr. Paul Bennetheun, the Club Manager of the Commissioned Officers Open Mess on the US Naval Station, Mayport, Florida.

At the first regular meeting held Feb 9, 1970, there were 27 prospective members present. COL Charles A. Worthington USA/Ret was elected President. Meetings were held frequently but not on a regularly scheduled basis. Membership gradually increased and then on May 10, 1972, the Mayport Chapter became affiliated with and received its official charter from National Headquarters.

Over the years, the Mayport Officers Open Mess, commonly referred to as the O'Club and now is know as the Ocean Breeze Conference Center, continued as the meeting location for the Chapter Board of Directors and for general chapter membership events. The chapter grew steadily until in the mid-1980's membership reached over 200 officers and/or their spouses. In 2016 we switched our meeting location to the Grove Room located in the Windy Harbor Golf Clubhouse on the Naval Station.

Moving into the late 1980's and 1990's, the potential member base expanded to about 1400 eligible officers because of downsizing and/or retirements from the Armed Forces. New member recruitment comes from this latter group plus widower(s), active duty officers and former officers living or moving into our designated zip code areas. We often solicit this base through direct mailing of a Membership Application Brochure. Active duty officers are solicited by person-to-person contacts largely on the Naval Station and the Naval Air Station, Mayport. Additional recruitment has been done at other Armed Services Facilities in the Greater Jacksonville Area.  In 2005 the chapter experience exceptional growth and at the end of the year had more then 475 members.

Maintaining and expanding our chapter membership continues as a major effort within the Chapter. In recent years, the retention of members has posed difficulties because of the aging of WWII and Korean veterans. Generally, current officers are retiring or leaving active duty in their mid-40's or 50's seeking a full-time second career in the civilian world. The chapter is alert to and emphasizes the need to recruit younger new members. Our Membership Committee attempts to reach the widest possible audience of these personnel with an attractive recruitment package.

All our members join together to conduct service oriented, professional, cultural and social activities at the local community level. The Mayport Chapter is considered Florida's First Coast Chapter. A large portion of our membership resides in the Beaches Communities of Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. Membership boundaries extend South of Mayport to State Road 16 and all Zip Codes East of the St. Johns River and East of Interstate 95; then from Mayport, North to the St. Marys River in Georgia.

There are two MOAA chapters serving the Greater Jacksonville Area: Mayport Chapter; and the Northeast Florida Chapter whose membership covers areas West of the St. Johns River, Jacksonville, and the North areas of Clay County including Orange Park and other communities to the South and West of Interstate 95.


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