The Personal Affairs Committee of the Florida Council of Chapters, (FCOC) intends to promote the cause of Personal Affairs with an emphasis on Survivor Assistance throughout the Florida Chapters of MOAA. The major thrusts of this efforts will be twofold:

  • To educate the membership of the importance of maintaining a complete and concise record of their personal affairs, especially as related to their military service, and making those records available to their spouse or next of kin, and,
  • To strive to insure that every Chapter has a Personal Affairs Committee and that those committees have the information, the guidance and the materials they need to carry out their responsibilities and especially to provide assistance to the spouses or next of kin of deceased military retirees.

The Personal Affairs Chairman will gladly assist any Chapters which ask for help to adapt the recommended programs to fit their individual situations. "Requests for assistance should be sent to Colonel Jonathan C. Gordon, US Army, Retired, Chairman, Personal Affairs Committee, at"

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